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carrier fault code

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I have been blowing the 3 amp fuse when my ac is turned on. It runs fine with the heat on. The fault code is for a short in the 24v wiring. I checked my ac unit outside and couldnt find and shorts. I also installed a new thermostat this winter so i double checked the wires going into it and they all seem to be correct. Thanks in advance for your help it has been 88 degrees the last 2 days here in cincinnati and getting a little toasty...:furious:
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i am trying that now thanks!
ok i took off the red and black (cool and spare)from the circuit board and the fuse blew. next i took off the heat and spare blue and yellow and it blew again.
ok thanks ill try that I really appreciate your help
Ok guys I removed the blue com wires and left the yellow y wire attached and it didn't kick out. So now I just have to find the shorton the outside blue wire right?
if the contactor s bad would the fuse blow instantly? I triple checked the ac unit and the thermostat and can not find a short i also replaced all the terminals
ok yesterday when i was supposed to take off the blue com wire to check for a short i took off all 3 blue wires. realizing my mistake today i started with the blue wire that ran to the ac unit and it was fine it ended up being a problem with the thermostat so i have about 2 feet of slack that i have pulled thru the wall and havent found any broken wires. im ready to pull out my hair
1 - 7 of 13 Posts
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