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Either way is fine if you are putting down a pad. If glue down, it is easier if the carpet goes first.

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If skirtboard and baseboard are the same thing you can go either way. Personally would want to do the skirtboard/baseboard before carpet. You can raise the skirtboard/baseboard a 1/2" which allows the carpet installer to tuck the carpet under for a nice neat appearance and this makes painting easier in the future because you can slide a thin piece of plastic between the skirtboard/baseboard and carpet. If you decide to do the skirtboard/baseboard after the carpet be sure to ask the installer to compensate for this by moving the tack strips an extra 1/2" to 5/8" inch away from the wall. The problem if you do not account for the extra 1/2" it will make replacing the carpet in the future much more difficult because the tack strips will be under or too close to the skirtboard/baseboard.


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I have to get your idea befor I started my carpeting.

I have two new rooms , with wooden particle board.

Carpets are available 69$ per meter in 3.6m wide.( NewZealand dollers)
Under lays ae 25$ per meter.

Nailed strips are cost 1.88$ /m

WEhen I totaled it cost me carpets 602$+ underlay 215$ and nailed strips anothre 50$.
total 867$.
Is there any other cost on top of this as a DIY project.

One shop gave me a quotation for 1100$ to 1200$ to do my carpeting.

If I do it as DIY I can save 330$ acording to above figures. Do you think is it worth to do it as DIY project. or better to higher a person to do it for 1200$.

much appreciate your comments.
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