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OK. We've been in this house for going on five years, and while the flooring was trashed when we moved in, we have been unable to agree on what to do.

On the first floor We have a open floorplan, with tile and carpet. We are probably going to stick with that, but I'm thinking about moving the transition.

The first pic is where the kitchen tile and carpeting currently meet, but I'm not crazy about carpet under the dining table.

I'm thinking about tiling the kitchen and dining area, and carpeting the the
living room (second pic), but didn't know if it would look weird to have tile at the bottom of the stairs, separating them from the carpeted living room. As well as the fact the line across the room would not be quite perpendicular.
And would a transition that long be an issue?

Any other suggestions or comments?


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If you think the slight angle will look like a mistake then change the angle a little more. For example: At the top of the line (carpet/tile) move that line to the left maybe 1/2 way between the doors and the out-corner. Radicalize that sucker if it won't rob too much floor space for some reason or another.:) How about a serpentine line instead of straight?

My area is super conservative. Everything must balance and be square and exactly where it should be.
And this from farmers who wear pliers on their belts and fix everything with bailing wire.

I love it when a customer comes along that likes tile installed with a running bond pattern or transitions are at angles or the ones that tell to just do something different and then leave me alone to do it.:)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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