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Carpenter outta his league

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I want to replace my thermostat and i'm confused by the wiring diagram. I figured it would be easy if i just disconnected the wires from the terminals on the old one and connected them to the same terminals on the new one. Unfortunately the diagrams do not match. The old terminals are labelled
RC --- currently red wire in this terminal
RH --- currently black wire in this terminal
W--- currently white
Y --- currently orange
G --- currently green.

The new thermostat terminals are labelled
R --- which i'm assuming is red
C --- which also states that this terminal is not necessary with batteries
Y --- which i'm assuming would be the orange wire
G --- which i'm assuming is green
O/B --- which i'm guessing ( not gonna lie) is black
W --- which i'm assuming is the white wire

If someone would be so kind as to help a carpenter out and confirm or deny my assumptions it would be most appreciated
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The new tstat won't work with your system. You need one that can handle a separate RC for cooling wire and RH for heating wire. Check HDepot or Rona for some of the better Honeywell electronic tstats and look at the box info/wiring diagram or open it and check the wiring diagram B4 bringing it home.
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With the old one having a wire on RH and RC you likely have a 2 transformer system,needs a RH and a RC on the replacement thermostat to work.

Dang you fast typers.LOL
This is a good one and one I have sold and works well. Check the wiring diagram first as it is a consumer version and I sell the Pro version
This one is not bad but harder to see and a bit cheesier.

better than the no name el cheapos though.
Thanks for the speedy response I'll definately look into those now that i know what to look for. Much obliged
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