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Career Research Questions

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Hi, for school I need to do a career research project, and I chose an electrician. For part of the project I need to interview an electrician, and not knowing any it would be helpful if someone would be willing to answer my questions. I tried to keep them from being very personal, but it's kinda hard to get 15 of them.
If you can answer them please send an email to me at [email protected] with the answers, if you want you can answer them in the thread. If there's a question you don't want to answer that's fine

1) What is your job title?
2) What do you do at your job?
3) Do you work for a contracting company, self employed, etc?
4) What are your hours?
5) What is the starting pay for your job?
6) How does the pay increase for your job?
7) Are there chances to advance in this career?
8) What are you’re working hours?
9) Are you happy with those hours?
10) Is your job stressful?
11) What is your favorite part about the job?
12) What do you dislike the most about the job?
13) Are there any high school courses that would help with this job?
14) Are electricians in demand in your area?
15) Would you recommend this career to anyone?
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i would add that your commute to the job site is important. electricians tend to work at varied locations but all within the same city. there is a lot of value here.

with a standard brick & mortar job, you need to be able to ride your bike - that is the prefered distance. not too close, but not too far. you save much by not needing a car (or you have one but use it sparingly so it lasts forever).

i commute to such a brick & mortar job. costs are high for my car due to commute 45 minutes one way every day. think about that, expand it over 30 years - use your fancy math skills to calculate how much your life will suck if you have to commute.

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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