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Carbon Monoxide Kills

Understand the risks and learn how to protect your family.
Carbon monoxide (CO) is a silent killer. It can infiltrate your home through the most apparently harmless devices, like your boiler or cooker. It is impossible to see or smell, yet it is easy to protect yourself and your family from the risks.
These pages are a guide to carbon monoxide and how to recognise if it’s present in your home. Too many people die each year in the UK from carbon monoxide poisoning, and many become chronically ill. By reading the information contained here, you can stop yourself and your loved ones becoming a carbon monoxide statistic.
A few simple steps, including an annual gas safety check with a registered installer, could prevent needless deaths or illness as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning.

For more information, we have produced two free downloads:
We also recommend that you click on one of the links below to find out more:
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Good info here. Everyone should familiarize themselves with the dangers, symptoms, and causes of CO poisoning, and should equip their homes with CO detectors.

Cracked heat exchangers, flues that don't flow correctly, flues that leak, or improperly vented equipment can let CO into your home. Having fuel burning equipment in very small basements or mechanical spaces without adequate combustion air supply will cause that equipment to produce more combustion gas (and it won't burn as efficiently).

I've been on a number of after-incedent inspections of homes where people got CO poisoning. About half the time it is just stupid things like not venting the water heater. Had one family renting an unheated basement that disconnected the vent flue of the furnace that served the upstairs tenant of the home, just to provide some heat to the basement. Not good.
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