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Carbon monoxide detector

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Using a Field piece co detector (scm4) that I borrowed from work, after getting furnace done I was checking my house and I noticed around light switches it would light up and beep really fast & registering around 100ppm then quickly return to 0ppm just like a voltage detector would do. Could anyone explain what's happening. Thanks.
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Did you power it up and allow it to self calibrate per the manual? It says it takes about 10 seconds to warm up and should be allowed to self calibrate in 'nominal air such as outdoors' and that it is intended to measure it still ambient air. Normal pressure differentials at outlets, etc. as mentioned might not be considered still air.

Maybe it is picking up Ozone?

If you want to test the unit then put it near your car exhaust pipe.

They (and others) caution not to do that as it will probably wreck the sensor. Seeing as it is borrowed from work, the boss might not be pleased.
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