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Cap Old Gutters and Insulate?

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Hi All,

I have purchased a 1921 Gambrel roofed house (empty for 10 years) 2 years ago and have been busy fixing it up ever since.

Last year I pulled the old roof shingles (5 layers) and repaired the underlayment and installed 10cm thick insulation panels to the exterior perimeter, then re-roofed.

This year I am removing the old gutters and would like to cap, and insulate the eaves. My concern is that I have insulated the roof, the exterior wall is also insulated and I will be effectively sealing this portion (Without venting). I do not want condensation/vapor forming in this cavity and would like some educated opinions on my situation

Please see the attached image for a good visual.

Kind regards


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Moisture has to have a path in to create a problem there.
I agree with your contractor that you don't need ventilating there. House should be loose enough that ambient air moisture should be passing in and out. I'd just make sure that the side wall is flashed correctly to the old gutter area so that there is always physical barrier for rain to wash away from the house trim/siding joints. Looks like the best will be to use xps foam boards there and seal any joint with canned spray foam. Not much insulation value gained for a small area. But that kind of area usually leaks lots of air. Insulation can start under the wall shown, does not have to be all the way out to the ends of the framing. Insulation is enveloping the living space. If downstairs is a room, then out to the end.
If that image room is not drywalled yet, I would look for air sealing joints between the side roof and the inside wall. Fiberglass insulation loses lots of r value if air is leaking all over and through it.
Thanks for the response.
I will get it all insulated/sealed up and will make sure all joints are watertight.

Kind regards
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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