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I need to buy a cap nailer or stapler for house wrapping and a special app of applying fiberglass batts facing over the batts and securing to the studs in a barn.

I am not sure of the pros/cons of each. Primarily, my main concern is withdrawal strength. I have noticed a couple nail types with spiral shank which might help. Maybe staples are too light?

I am trying to bring ammo selection and cost into this as it is typical for a gun mfgr to then provide proprietary ammo that I don't want to afford.

Another issue I have is I will need white caps. All I can find are WOW colored. I need them to match my batts facing.

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I have used the Bostich cap staplers almost daily for years with very few issues.I have never seen any in white.
I have also heard good things about the Stinger cap staplers and nailers form other contractors but believe they are more expensive.
Bostich tools and fasteners can be found anywhere and their customer service is good.
Last box of caps and staples I bought were $90 for 5000.
I would guess the ring shank nails more holding power than the staples but when trying to pull the staples I always pull the cap off before the staple releases.The crown is also thru the cap where as the nail goes thru a single hole.
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