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can't figure out a logical solution

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I need to build an awning/trellis in front of a very long window.
The idea is to build three of these units and run aircraft cable between them so Hops will have something to grow along.
The problem is I can not find or "think how to accomplish the base of it.
In my head it's a 1-2' long 2x6 anchored into concrete and then sandwich it on either side with two more 2x6's etc. etc.
I can't find an anchor that will accept a 2x6. 4x4 seems to be the smallest.

If any of you were doing would you do it?

Thanks a lot.


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Thanks for the thoughts...

It needs to be cedar as the rest of the wood around it is already.
The next problem is 4x4 is too small compared to the structure and the window. I'd do it in 6x6 but where I live there is no cedar 6x6 easily purchased affordably.

I like the stainless wire...I'll have a look around for it.

Maybe the answer is getting PT 6x6 buried in the ground with 2' above ground, cut a tenon and then attach the 2x6 cedar. Hmmm

Maybe two 4x4's with a 6x6 connected to an 8x8..........A spare bedsheet on a couple of poles is looking better and better!

Any more ideas?

Thanks again.
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thats a good idea as well!
Oh this is looking better and better.

Thanks for the link "Malibujim"
Though it doesn't directly solve my problem, it is interesting as frost heave here can be intense.

I found these:
So now I can simply use a 6x6 post and get rid of the complication of sandwiching 2x6's etc...

I have just used a smaller version (4x4's) to make a base for my solar panel rack...worked like a charm!

Thanks again.


p.s. is there any swell in Nor Cal today?
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