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Cans in a drop ceiling with 4" clearence

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I have a drop ceiling that has 4" from the bottom of the joists to the grid of the drop ceiling. The bays are full of HVAC and plumbing. So I really don't have enough clearance in most of the ceiling for a standard can. Any ideas on lighting for this area. I need to dim the light so I want to stay away from florescent and the height of the ceiling just over 7' so I need to stay as low profile as possible. Floor lamps/table lamps are not a good option because this will be a play room for young children.

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Thanks Inphase,

That would do the trick except I want a little more visually pleasing solution and I am not sure how I feel about exposed bulbs in a play room for young children from a safety perspective.

Sorry. I didn't think about style, or the kids. Try this with the original fixture. The first is for style. The second is for the kids.


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