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Can water hurt a slab foundation of a house?

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Can using roof asphalt shingles on the ground (as a weed barrier) near the foundation of a home cause water to puddle up and sit there for too long?

I am concerned about the way water flow will be diverted toward the house. There is a mostly level flower bed where I want to place asphalt shingles. I am concerned that water will sink into the ground outside of a 10' X 4' weed barrier or roof shingles. There will be holes in the barrier for the flowers only. I like reusing things I already own like extra shingles. I have seen videos on using shingles on the ground outside. I am going to use them in a flower bed (around the flowers themselves). The rectangular flowerbed is bound by a concrete sidewalk on two sides, a concrete driveway on one side and a house on another side. Will putting down shingles allow for water to be diverted and hurt the foundation over time as the water may not sink into the ground as it normally did? This is for the northside of a home in Ohio (where it pours rain). I think there will be enough places for the water to drain: near the edges of the rectangular bed and near the roots of the flowers. Maybe more water will head toward the foundation. I am curious if this sounds like a bad idea.
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I would not use something as heavy as shingles. While they stop weed growth, they also upset water drainage as you are finding out. It would be best to use a product made for it like Typar. It prevents light from reaching weeds, thereby stunting their growth, but allows for the proper water drainage to your other plants.
Ayuh,..... The grade pitch of the area should be established in the dirt 1st,....

Once the grade is set, pitchin' Away from the house, I'd lay yer shinges like on a roof, so each sheds it's water, to the next lower one,.....
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I like reusing things I already own like extra shingles.
If you have a bundle or two left over from a reroof, it's good to keep those for when you need to match the roof later on a repair.
Whether or not you put shingles on the flower bed, the soil should have some slope away from the house. And if you have slope away from the house, the barrier will help move water away from the house. And you will be fine.
And how are the roots of the flowers going to get any water if there covered with a solid surface?
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