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Can someone help with Backfill advice.

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I had my home remodeled last summer, and had my fireplace chimney removed.

At finish grade level to the bottom of my foundation, the poured chimney footing remains. I started a project to knock this down with the sledge and clean this up a bit so I can get all of the poured chimney footings under ground so I can put my rock bed over and conceal it. Old reminients of the chimney were caved in and the debris filled the chimney (Dirt,Bricks, Concrete) .

I decided to go further and started to dig all of the debris out of the hole while I am at it though because after a heavy rain, I am getting some water in my basement through this area now. My whole home is poured walls except where the chimney is located is masonry block.

I am wondering when I get all of the brick and stone cleaned out of the old chimney what I should do to backfill it. I assume with all of that in there the water is getting down my foundation way to easily.

Once I get it all cleaned out, do I backfill it with sand? Any thing else I need to be doing to make this right? Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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I am not a mason. I would waterproof the exterior wall where chimney was, then fill the hole to just overflowing, apply a waterproof plastic over the hole, overlap the chimney foundation sides, and up the wall a little. Apply a waterproof exterior foundation board over the blocks above grade. With it overlapping the plastic at bottom and z- flashing on top. Water should shed to past the chimney foundation where it never leaked before. The weak point being the plastic--- any thoughts, any one?
Be safe, G
I'd quit digging,+ cap it below grade with Concrete, sloped away from the house...
I'd quit digging,+ cap it below grade with Concrete, sloped away from the house...

What he said!

Thanks Guys. Love you idea Bondo. I had just spoke to my Dad the day before your post and he suggested exactly the same. Much Easier and a better solution to my idea.

Thanks for everyones advice.
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