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Can not power Device, but have power at oultet

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Wife was using the Toster, she said it was taking longer than it should to toast the Bread. When it was done It sparked in the toaster and the Phloresent light quit working at the same time.

I replaced the toster but the new one still didnt work. I also checked the Breakers to see if they were triped. No breakers were triped but i reset them anyway.

I got me a Voltage tester and a multimeter, both items show curent and voltage at the outlet.

I still can not get a device to power up at the outlet or get 2 lights to come on.

I saw no broken or burnt wires on the outlet.

I hope this info helps because I am cluless as to what the problem is. If I show power at the outlet I would think it should work. Thanks for any help that may solve this.
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Ok thank you I will check that out.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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