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can mold make you sick???

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I am not 100% sure i have mold in my house but i am convinced i do. In north jersey it has been raining for the past 15 days almost every day, and i started to get a leak in my second floor of my house. Now i bought this house 4 yrs ago with no major problems, until i noticed i had water leaking in, i went in between the attic and i come to find out the previous owner put a heavy duty contractors bag on the base of the floor which had about 6 inches of water for at least 2 feet of the area keep in mind this bag is big about 6 feet across (very sturdy bag) i am surprised all the weight did not cave that area in. So you figure it has been 4 yrs of water accumlating up there. I went up there for at least an hour to clear that part up and noticed that there is white fungi growing and alot of dark/purpleish wood rotting up there ( the smell is bad even with a mask. Now my main concern is that i have been getting sick i feel dizzy all the time and with no energy. I feel like i have no balance , i have been on antibiotics for 2 weeks which worked on me (doc thinks its a ear infection) but now i am dizzy and have slight pain in my neck. Don't know what to assocaite these dizzy spells.. Could this mold make me sick like this???
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