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Hi! Do you think linoleum basement flooring can be painted? It's a walk-out basement that tends to be humid in the summer, but the dehumidifier keeps up pretty well. The linoleum is very old, has no shiny finish, and is not cracked or peeling up at all. The room will be used as a functioning art studio, so knife blades, tiny shards of glass, cleaning chemicals, water, and assorted other things will end up all over the floor, which I'm OK with. It's going to get banged up and doesn't have to look perfect.

The acrylic paint I spilled stuck very well and I've been walking on it for a couple of weeks and it's not coming up at all, which makes me wonder about whether painting would be a good alternative.

Because of the water and teeny-tiny shards of glass that fall from the stained glass grinder, laminate, cork, and any flooring options that have seams are a poor choice. I could do a new sheet of linoleum, but knife blades tend to fall sometimes and it probably wouldn't be long before the new flooring was ripped.

Since there's a slab of cement under the linoleum, will the linoleum act as an appropriate moisture barrier if I paint it? What type of paint would be best, and do I need an adhesive primer? Also, does it need polyurothane on top or is that not recommended?

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