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Can lights and PVC drain pipe

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Installing IC rated new construction cans in basement and I want to use a joist bay that has a PVC drain pipe running in it. How close can the housing be to PVC. Can they touch?

There were two hidden (covered by drywall) junction boxes in my basement ceiling!
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I don't see anything in the literature stating they can or cannot contact PVC. They are HALO H7ICAT.

Any other experience with this issue? I'm installing these tonight. Thanks.
Last call for thoughts on this? I'd really like to use this location for desired light spacing but obviously not going to if it's against code. Getting in touch with the inspector in this fine county of 1MM residents is not easy.

The pipe runs approximately down the middle of the cavity so no way to get distance between the pipe and housing without a spacer.
Contacted Cooper Lighting and they said the fixture can safely be in contact with PVC but recommended checking local codes.

I fine tuned the spacing of my lights during installation and didn't have to use that joist bay.
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