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Can light is blowing light bulbs. Fixable?

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I thought I just had a burnt out light bulb in a can light, but after I replaced it, the new bulb immediately burnt out. I put another bulb in the socket and nothing happens now. Is this fixable without replacing the can? Or should i just replace it? I have access to it in the attic.
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You need to measure the voltage. You might have something else wrong.

The voltage should be 115 to 122 max....

BTW....were they incandescent bulbs?
Was the wattage too high?
Fixed it. It was a loose black wire in the box at the can.


It looks like the black wire that runs into the can cavity is connected to a green wire purposely by the factory inside a plastic connector in the can. That green wire then goes to the ground on the bulb contacts. The white wire is on the hot tab of the bulb. Why is this? I always thought black was hot and white was neutral. Is it because this series of cans is on a 3 way?
That does not sound right.....

I would get out a voltmeter and start making some voltage measurements.

Assuming the light is on a light switch telling what color they used from the switch to your light....I personally would never tie a black and green together...even if the black was at ground potential....that is how people get hurt and equipment damaged....
Something's funny or funky.

The white wire should go to the socket shell. The black wire should go to the contact at the inside center of the socket to touch the end contact on the lamp.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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