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Can I use sanded grout for wal tiles?

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I just watched a youtube video and a guy said that you should use a sanded grout for floor tiles only and only when space between tiles is greater than 1/8" and for everything else you should use an unsanded grout.
I am really confused. I was recommended and I am ready to use a sanded grout for wall tiling project with space between tiles 1/8".

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Grout lines that are 1/8" is the dividing line. Either sanded or unsanded can be used in 1/8" grout joints with no problems.

Sanded grout can be used most anywhere you want to use it IF the joints are 1/8" or more. The guy on You-Tube has no idea what he is talking about if he said sanded grout was only for floors. That's nonsense!:)
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