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Hello everyone.

I am currently remodeling a kitchen in a rental unit of ours and the previous owners took the easy way out and installed outlets on the backsplash using conduit rather than embedding them into the wall itself. We want to give it a more finished look so I was hoping to use exterior plywood to bring the wall out to the conduit and then tile over it.

I was planning on cutting the plywood to fit as close as possible around the conduit/outlets as possible. I would then fill over the conduit plus any joints with all purpose joint compound and seam tape. Then 3x6 subway tile over.

Do you think this is an okay way to go about it? We looked for hardie backer but we could not find one the correct thickness to overcome the conduit size. If the plywood is feasible can we just use regular thinset mortar like we would with a normal tile job?

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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