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Can I terminate a gas line in a crawl space?

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Is it okay to cap a gas line in a crawl space?

It seems that at some point in the past, a gas range was in the kitchen and the previous owner replaced it with an electric range.

There is a 1/2" gas pipe running through the crawl space to just below the range, and there is a 1/2" flex appliance connector pipe connecting to it. Apparently, this flex pipe was run up through the floor and connected to the range. When the previous owner switched to an electric range, he just stuffed the flex down into the crawl space.

I want to properly cap that 1/2" pipe but I've been told that you can't cap a gas pipe in a crawl space. Is this true?


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I'm unaware of anything that would prohibit capping a gas line in a crawl space, provided it is done correctly and accessing it in the future isn't a problem.
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