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Can I retrofit Hold-down stap ties?

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I am starting my garage and have all the concrete complete. Only problem is the stem wall between the two bays needs to be narrowed to 1' from 3' (we've already gotten the revision approved by the city). The bays just proved to be two narrow for my large truck and approach of my wife's car.

Like I said previously the stem wall between the bays has been poured according to the original plans which called for two STHD14 straps 3.12" from edge which were obviously poured in place. I want to just cut the wall down to 1' but still need two of the straps embedded in the wall. Is there a way to retrofit them or am I going to have to take out the entire wall and re-pour?

I also will have to have two bolts in there but I know those can be drilled and epoxied.
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Post a picture.
Also go back and add your location to your profile.
I'm in Washington state. Picture attached. Any help is appreciated!

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I'm in Washington state. Picture attached. Any help is appreciated!

View attachment 62092

View attachment 62092
No one can tell me if what I want to do is possible?

Concreteman - are you just following the thread or did you have a comment? Nothing showed up under your post.

Anyone who can help it would be greatly appreciated.
Well your garage was designed using prescriptive code measures as I can see that that is a rather typical "portal framed garage wall panel". Normally those should not be less than about 24" wide or they do give the proper lateral resistance capacity. Most likely you would have to take this to an engineer that could spec the proper strong wall (Simpson or Hardy) to replace the portal framed garage wall panel.
I think Simpson has a steel strong wall at about 12" that would fill the bill. You may have to under-pin the footing though, with steel all-thread that would penetrate through the existing footing into the new under-pinned footing.

Either way it is a bit of work to accomplish.

could always use something like a Simpson HDU holdown bracket. Not going to install the straps into already placed concrete.
I'm thinking....drill holes and epoxy in bolts (all thread)....these in turn go to the HDU's...
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