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Can I remove this stud below stairs?

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Hello everyone! Glad to have found this forum!

I am trying to add some storage under the stairs that is currently untapped. I opened up a section of drywall and took a look under and there is a stud that may or may not be supporting the stairs.

Is this removable to allow for a bigger door opening? There are studs on either side of this middle one as well. If removing it isnt an option would sliding it over to allow a larger opening work?

Thanks for any help or insight!

(sorry for the sideways pictures)


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It is a staircase going from my garage up to the first level of our house. Im pretty sure the middle beam of the staircase is just resting on that header for the wall. I can add a header and stud system like you described to further beef up the wood it appears to be resting on.
It is better to be safe. If the stairs are supported by a rim joist we double that rim to make it a header, so I would still put the header below that.
Great! Thanks for the info! Doesn't appear too difficult and better to be safe for sure!
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1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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