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I want to replace a non-GFCI combo switch/receptacle in my kitchen with a combo GFCI. It's within 3 feet of the sink. I want to make sure that it's OK to install a GFCI, and that I'm not required to use an AFCI.

I live in Bethesda (Montgomery County), Maryland. According to what I see on the county Department of Permitting Services website (, for electrical, the county is still under the 2008 NEC, which if I understand it correctly only required GFCI's in kitchens.

I know that an AFCI (or a GFCI) breaker can be installed in the panel, but at this point I just want to upgrade the receptacle so it has ground fault protection.

Can anyone verify that GFCI's are still OK to install in kitchens in my area? Thanks.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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