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Can I notch holes here?

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I think the answer is yes... But I just want to check with you all first... it's going to be a 4" dryer vent (metal) tube through and centered closely to what the picture illustrates...

Please note #1 and #2 are options where I can drill consecutive holes for the 4" pipe to go through....

Thank you!

Please chime in!



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Perhaps this will help you to help me..???

Does it affect where the notches should be applied because of how the joists are put together?

Furthermore, I am leaning toward "#2" because it's closest to the joist hangers. Due to the number of tangent i-joist to the i-joists I want to notch holes through, I just want to make sure it's fine per my plan...
I guess no one has any knowledge on this topic?
I myself would not drill holes in any of those locations. These are not blocking or floor joists, they are acting as a beam to support the I-joists that are in 3 sections. why it is was constructed that way I cannot understand. it seems it would have been simple to run the I-joist the full length as the others.

cutting a hole in these members will reduce their load capacity. why not run the dryer vent in the open bay to the right where you would not have to cut a hole?
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You need to find out the purpose of those sections you want to drill in. Like someone else mentioned, why not use the bay to the right?
That is a strange set of joists. Did there used to be a stair in that area that was filled in?
More pictures please

I dont get this at all. Normally your joists should run from the sole plate at the top of the foundation wall to the girder which runs down the longitudinal center of the house. I really cant tell whats going on here. The far end dosen't seem to be supported, and the joists to the left are pieced together. That dog dont hunt if they are. Where the dryer pipe holes are placed looks to be the least of his problems, unless I simply do not understand what I am looking at.
There is a bay window (cantilevered) that the joists were constructed to support. I think there is no problem to go either #1 or #2 because every joist is tied in to each other.

Thank you for the charts to support and illustrate the allowed spots for holes and perspective opening sizes. But again, because of the fact that all joists come together the way they do, I think #1 or #2 would be okay...

Nonetheless, it is my thought also that I could use the clear cavity to the right... This will all depend on the dryer vent run and the final distance... The distance is already too long in my opinion, so any distance to relieve the travel distance would be grand... :)
That makes sense. A cantilever explains the setup.
Is this a modular home? I have seen framing like that to go around the wheels on the trailer. Could you get over one more bay and stay away from that altogether?
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