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Can I install tandem breakers to stop my breakers from tripping?

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I have a handful of 15 amp breakers that have two and even three wires attached to them and they keep tripping espicially when an AC unit is connected to them.

Can I install tandem breakers to solve the problem or do I need a sub-panel?

The thing I don't understand about tandem breakers is that it appears to be two breakers inside of one. Does that mean each side of the tandem breaker can support 15 amp?

For example, if one side is pulling 12 amp and the other side pulls 15 amp, then the 15 amp side will trip but the 12 amp side will be fine.

Another example: If each side is pulling 14 amp everything is fine. (the total breaker is supporting 28 amp in this case)

Does that sound right?
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Whether you can install tandems depends on the panel. Some panels are not listed for their use. If you look at the panel label and see a number that ends with 3040 it could use tandems. If it is like 3030 you could not. If you post the panel model and number someone could give you a more definitive answer.

Yes, a tandem is 2 breaker internals inside of one case. Your assumptions are correct.
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