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Can I add a switched receptacle to a Small Appliance Circuit (or maybe it is SABC?) I have included a schematic... (did my best to make it clear.)

In which case I would just put the receptacle in the cabinet and plug in there.

This circuit only has three receptacles and one (the first of course) is a ground fault. The wire is for 20A. I need to add the receptacle immediately after the GF one.

Other unless there are other ideas. I have an alternative image attached, but I do not think I could get the switch in a good enough location.

The problem we are having is where to put the light switch.

(We prefer a wall mounted switch.)

Some lighting lets you add a master switch in line or control from one light, but it has to be the first light... and we prefer the switch in the middle if it will not be on the wall. and do not need a ton of wire under the cabinets.

We have two GFI circuits in the kitchen, and 4 others circuits for Microwave, oven, dishwasher, disposal. I guess another for the overhead lighting.

lighting junction box...


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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