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Can a apartment duplex's ground wire feed off the neighbors ground wire?

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I live in a duplex and my main breaker box is grounded. My neighbor's main breaker box (which is right next to my main breaker box) is NOT grounded. Obviously there are two electrical meters, therefore we have our own electrical bill.

Is it legal for them to run a ground wire from my main breaker box to his main breaker box so he will have a ground?

Obviously this is the easiest way to do it since both of the breaker boxes are side by side. That would take minutes to do. The other way is for him to run his own ground wire to his own ground rod. That would take hours.

thanks in advance!!
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I guess there is nothing technically wrong with their electrical since it works fine.

However, to answer your question, it's just because their main breaker box is NOT grounded. I think the electrician that put in their breaker box must of forgot to ground their breaker box.

Per code the electrician should have looped the GEC into you neighbors panel, but from a safety and operations standpoint their is really no worry.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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