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Calibrating a Freezer Thermostat

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Hi everyone, I bought an old chest freezer that I want to adjust to use as a fridge. I am aware that freezer thermostats generally have a screw that can be adjusted to change the temperature range, and that many also have a "differential screw" (there may be other terms for it but I don't know them), which increases or decreases the difference between the cut-in and cut-out temperatures. I have a Frigidaire 5304513033 thermostat, and I can see two screws on it, but I don't know which is one and I'm having a hard time figuring it out through trial and error. Does anyone know where I can learn more about this part? Any advice or suggestions would be a BIG help to me.


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Freezers are supposed to give 0F to 10F, fridges about 38F.
Melting ice in water gives you 32F.

Opening it up might give you a clue to adjusting the setpoint and hysteresis. The mechanism for each should look quite different. You might have to shim the temp adjust cam.

This is a good one.
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