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CAD(?) software that draws in the studs

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Is there a cad program(?) that has basic building materials already drawn out ... 2x4's, 2x6's, 4x8 sheets, etc ... so that all you need to do is drag the items to a location and they will fall into place?

If not, is there a program that is simple enough to draw a basic frame structure without having to be an architect or draftsman? I want to avoid having to use up ereasers everytime I decide to make a change, or more likely, goof up a measurement. I really want to make all the mistakes I can on paper so that I don't have to make the mistakes with costly materials.

My structure is going to be mainly framed out of 2x6's as I have a lot of these on hand. Another peculiarity is that I have a 7' H x 9' W garage door that will take up the entire entrance end. There will be no windows and I am not sure what type of roof to put up. Overall dimension is 10'x15' with 8' walls on an existing concrete slab.

Thank you.
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It won't draw framing details if that is what you are looking for but will draw whatever thickness and height interior wall you want. Sweet Home 3D has a minimal learning curve (but plan on spending some time with it) but it is FREE and open source software. There are extensive extra symbol sets you can download also free and created by the supporting open source community. I have had minimal luck with the other home packages. I've used Sweet Home for permits where detailed construction detail drawings are not required.
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