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CAD Drafting for Quote

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I'm about to begin the process of getting CAD drawings started for the boarding kennel we're starting up. I'm wondering what types of drawings would a contractor need to give me a accurate quote. Thanks
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I would think the usual. Is this to be indoor/outdoor or combination?

However, I would think your sewage drawings would have to include some sort of details providing for the 1 out of 10 animals you could not train to use and flush a toilet and wash themselves with a bidet if female? What do you have to do to meet code for that?

I would think localized water to kennels would be nice to keep the animals hydrated. And if you are starting this from scratch? Why not add a few hose bibs so you don't have to drag a 100 footer around.

I love the Gieco commercial. "Do Dogs Chase Cats!" I would think you would want electricity for video and internet devices in each cage. Pets are getting fatter and more lethargic too and they love really stupid television.

I would think you would want a "Once They Check in They Cannot Check Out Feature" so that separation anxiety as the owners drop them off is quickly overcome with things to play with in the dog, cat, snake, lizzard run outside.

If you are designing this from scratch, wouldn't it be nice to have some cameras mounted so you could post on the internet LOL cat stories, or at least monitor those left in your charge?

I am not admitting I ever owned a pet, or even a few, but my cat sitter, for only $65 a day would brush, feed and clean up all the glassware my kitties broke when I was away. Money well spent.

My last car I loved was an Accura. When I took it to the dealer, who charged no more, it came back spotless.

Point is when I got back to things I loved, and found them clean and with no immediate problems? I felt endeared to the service providers.

You need a grooming facility built into your kennel so the pets not only come home happy but cleaned and nail trimmed when picked up. I would think this kennel of yours might need some plumbing drawings with extra hair traps?

Need to make sure you provide heat and light.

And, if you want to be cute, install an extra fire hydrant. Trust me, the fire department will crack up and if you are on the water line, they can always be comforted knowing there is one extra availed.

Paint it pink though so you get the horrible little Paris Hilton type dogs that parade around here in bows. I swear, I am going to kidnap ten of them someday, Gorilla Glue them together and let them yap as one real dog!

But I know people have and love them. Your kennel needs to stock up on bling and bows.

Have fun. Nice project I suspect since you are thinking it through.
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