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cabinet finish for uninsulated house

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We have an uninsulated summer house with unfinished pine kitchen cabinets.we just got through scrubbing the mildew off, again.

I'd like to put some finish on the cabinets that would resist the mildew. I originally though of polyurethane, but I've read that poly turns yellow and chips at low temperatures. In the winter, the these cabinets can easily see below zero temps for weeks.

I looked at tung oil finishes, but they don't seem to have the mildew resistance I want. Also I don't want to refinish every two to three years. Also looked at Waterlox, but not sure if it has the cold resistance I need.

Any help appreciated.

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water based poly will not yellow as much. lacquer will stay clear if you can spray the cabinets and will be the most durable. (and not mildew)/. Or have your paint supplier add mildicide to what ever finish coats you decide to use. Even the primer coat. This is an active ingredient that will kill the mildew.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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