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Cabinet Door Overlay & Hinges

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I'm building some kitchen cabinets, and I'm getting ready to buy the hinges, but I'm stumped about this:

Can I install 1-inch overlay hinges on cabinets with 2-inch stiles for a full-overlay look?

These are the hinges I'm considering:

In particular, I'm concerned that if two cabinets' doors open back to back then they won't work with those hinges. That is, if the doors each overlap the stile by one inch (two inches total), would one door's hinge-side edge bump into the others with these hinges?
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The distance from the outside edge of the hinge to the edge of the door is critical and specific to the hinge you are using, if you were to move the hinge in from the edge of the door, the door will binde and not open. From the chart on the link it appears that style hinge is made for up to a
1 1/2 " overlay, but I don't see 2". Call the manufacturer, they always have a tech support or sales division that will help you. If you have a local commercial hardware distributor nearby you would benefit from going there and speaking with them. good luck.
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