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I just installed a remote dimmer and fan control in my ceiling fan. I'm not happy with the dimmer switch it won't stay in a dim setting and with one touch boosts up too high. I really don't want the dimmer switch anyway and installed it really for the fan control. I want static very low wattage, dim bulbs without the dimmer option: Question: Can I just bypass the remote control on the lights but keep the fan remote function, maybe by disconnecting the blue wire from the transmitter, capping it unconnected, and then connect blue wire from the fan/light unit to the incoming hot wire that is also connected to the red wire on the other side of the transmitter. Or would I have to maybe piggy back the hot wire, one to the transmitter and one to the blue wire from the fan/light unit? Hope this doesn't sound crazy scary, I'm probably not thinking this all the way through.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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