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I installed a timer device in a junction box that used have a receptacle in it for my landscape lighting transformer. I would like to add the receptacle back. It seems the proper way would be to convert this single gang plastic outdoor box to a double gang and install a receptacle in the box next to the timer device.

However it seems to me that it would be a whole lot easier if I just punched through the side of the existing box and added a second single gang box right next to it, with a small connecting conduit between them. That way I would not have to wrestle with moving the existing conduit around between it's joined on the top and bottom.

Does code allow for such an installation? Also, do I need a GFCI or can I just use a single normal receptacle to plug my landscape lighting transformer it? It would be dedicated for this purpose and that is how the last electrician had it. Not sure if that is proper.



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You can add a receptacle next to the other box. Is there a knockout on the side?

You will need the receptacle to be gfi protected, marked weather resistant, tamperproof and have a weatherproof in use cover.
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