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Buying Used Trane XL16i Outdoor Condenser

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Hello guys,
I got a deal on a Trane xl16i heat pump outdoor condenser for a cheap price. Here is the story behind the condeneser. The house to which the unit was attached to got burnt down two years ago. The owner rebuilt the whole house. But this time he made the house much bigger. I mean HUGE! So he need a bigger unit to power the house, so he let this at the backyard where it was. I went there today to inspect it. It looks good. the line is still connected but the power is not due to the fact the he lost the inside coil and other parts of the a/c to fire. The seller even guarantee my money back if it doesn't work. I have someone willing to install a used unit but my question is for the cheap price, does it worth buying this unit? Please, give some opinions. Thanks
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If it was in a fire the indoor coil ruptured very suddenly and very quickly blew the freon out of the system and took out/lost a LOT of the oil from the compressor which cannot be replaced. The unit has been exposed to lots of moisture which is now in the compressor and turned to acid. Unit is worthless IMO.
Do not buy it's nothing but trouble.
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