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Buying old homes keeps me learning.

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Hello from the middle of Ohio where the Rust belt Never Sleeps! I rolled into town here flush from bailing out of beautiful but overpriced Seattle. Was off to a great start picking up three old homes. The plan was to have 5 total. 4 to rent out. One for living. I was unable to progress beyond number 3.

The value of the internet cannot be summed up in dollars. It has helped make what would have been impossible a reality.

Forums like this have been key players when I face certain tasks I am capable to perform, just not sure how to proceed.

Thanks to everyone in advance if i miss thanking you later.

Lets go!!
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Welcome VooDoo
Could you make and send me a doll, (and please include appropriate pins) for my ex ?? The money I have to send her is killing my bottom line !!!!!!:vs_sob:
don't want her to die mind you, just to find her a rich husband.

You help me, I'll help you...............

just sayin :vs_cool:
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You left Seattle? Welcome to America!
Welcome to the forum.
I have to add, flipping homes is not like the tv shows we see, it is the real world. How many follow up shows do we see about flipped homes and what the new owners think about them. I recall only a few and they were disasters.

The problem is, doing the job right does not help the bottom line and THAT is what flippers are after.

Fixing them up to rent can also eliminate some of the DIY like electrical and plumbing. Here in Maine those would need to be contracted out.

Wish you well.

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