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Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and recently went into business remodeling bathrooms. Just curious if any of you (in the business) buy any of your resale items from auctions on eBay? I have client who recommended I take a look for her and noticed some pretty amazing deals.

For instance

Am I crazy to buy like this? Or should I stick to my local supply house?

Any input/experience you'de be willing to share would be great.

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I'm a homeowner - and I have bought fixtures from eBay (both plumbing and electrical). Two caveats:
1. There is LOTS and LOTS of fraudulent products on eBay - you have to make sure you are actually buying what you think you are - as in, NOT buying a crappy (and illegal) chinese copy.

2. There are LOTS and LOTS of unscrupulous sellers on eBay who are not afraid to sell stolen items.

Use some common sense:

- DO NOT make impulse buys - start looking at what you want everyday for a week or two. You will get a great idea of what a fair price is and what a good deal is.

- Watch shipping costs - some people make their money on eBay by overcharging for shipping.

- DO NOT buy from someone without an established and good seller reputation. Read their comments.

- DO NOT buy from out of your country - these are almost always risky transactions.

- Set up a PayPal account and use it - it has some basic protections that will help if you get e-scammed.

- If it sounds too good to be true... like all things in life... it probably is.

Good luck. :thumbsup: I've gotten some killer deals, but I have also gotten burned a time or two. I mostly use eBay for specialty vendors that only sell there (if you want antique light fixtures, I know an awesome guy).

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As a pro---buy from the supply house---customers are fickle---they want what they want---
And they change their minds---Do you want your job and your paycheck held up because the shipping is slow--

Or the customer looks at the faucet and says," It's not the color I thought--change that for the other one we were talking about."

For yourself---spend hours or weeks trying to save a buck---for work--fast and reliable sources are the only way.----Mike----
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