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Buying First Home! Had it inspected! The inspecter said all was good!

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Hi! Everyone have a questions about the home im purchasing. First is I had the home inspected and the guy walked on the roof and on one spot that he walked on kinda of sunk in. I asked was that normal he said yes! Do you guys think that is right? It has new laminate asphault shingles less than one year old. Just wondering why on one spot of the roof would be less sturdie than the rest of it that he walked on.
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if he weighed 200+ lbs maybe...? i walk on my roof all the time and it doesn't sag ANYwhere.
were you watching from the ground? it may have seemed more than it really was.

He was a little heavy but dont think 200 pounds but could have been. I was watching from the ground and it sank in when he stepped on that one spot! Just wondering what that is all about! He stated that the roof wasnt made for walking on and that was normal! Me and my husband just thought it is normal! I seem to be worrying about it alot now dont want to buy this house and then it fall apart on me!
Was this an inspector recommended by a realtor? HIRE a LICENSED roofer to inspect the roof before you buy this house.
Yes the realtor is the one that recommend him! How much do you think that cost?
i agree with rehabber. there may be a cracked truss under that spot...

The 'home inspection' game is rather poor. Inspectors get most of their work from realtors, and if the inspector screws up their sale, they won't get recommended again. I am a licensed home inspector and went on to other work because I 'called it like it was'.
I've yet to have a roof I can't walk on
Is this in a snow area?
How old is the house?
Any access to the attic to look at the rafters?

Many roofs were built with 24" OC rafters & 1/2" sheathing
I only do 16" OC & 3/4" sheathing
You can jump up & down & it doesn't move
It depends on how much the roof deflected in that spot. It could be a structural weakness for sure. If the truss below is damaged, it sould deflect along a good size area. I think perhaps the was a leak in the roof there that went unrepaired for too long. The sheathing could have water damage from prolonged exposure, and may be rotted in a small area. Often the wood will feel "spongy" if you can access it from the underside - and there will certainly be visible evidence of any water damage too. IF you can get to the underside of the roof sheathing I would definitely check this out, if only to rule it out.

It's hard to argue with the home inspector's assessment though. If it supported a man weighing 200 pounds, even though it "gave" a little, the roof structure is sound enough to pass inspection. And if the roof is new, and free of defects, then it will not continue to deteriorate (unless the water is coming from somewhere else - maybe from higher on the roof and running down to this spot). So it is "fine, " even if it is not in great condition.
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