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Buying electrical supplies unre COVID

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One would think that the in the current environment, the B&M stores would be trying to do as much business as possible, in a friendly way to the consumer, but may be that is not my experience.

I need some materials for rewiring the garage, but due to personal situation, I cannot go out at all, so my options are online or local with delivery. I tried Menards, and I was able to go online and find everything I need except 3x 6-20R tamper resistant that the inspector requires and are hard to find. The materials came up to $100, but the "we will pick for you" and local delivery fees came to another $98 !!!.

Googling for the hard to find 6-20Rs, I run into Gordon Supply with good prices and $13 shipping, excluding the heavy NM-B which I have ordered from the big book store with free shipping.

I always try to buy local because I leave in a small city with a struggling retail, but there is a limit...

P.S: No relation with G.S. other that now I have an account with them, which I will use very little...
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It's the same way with most non food shopping now.
There is a lot that could be done with customer service.

It's been a struggle remodeling my house. The mom and pop store in town are not set up for larger projects like mine and I'm not able to support them often. They will not even price out a larger order when you ask as they know town is cheaper, but do not understand sometimes convince is cheaper than running to town.

I have had issue with the "Big Blue" and "Big Orange" not being able to get everything you ordered if you do the curb side pickup and have to jump though hopes to get it fixed before you leave. The last delivery I got from one of those stores was wrong and took 3 days to get the issue somewhat fixed.

The supply houses in the closest city do not want to sell to anyone with out an account an I'm not going to open an account to buy from you 5 times this year and not need to again.

I'm having my surgery next week so my house is on self isolation.
We have the dates for poring the floor and exit stairs.
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