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Burying cistern tanks

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These 275 gal. plastic tanks with the aluminum framing around them are becoming available quite often now. Some of them have had food grade material in them, and if properly cleaned, would probably be ok for potable water.

With cistern water tanks going for $1 per 3 or less gallons, these plastic 'totes' may possibly be a good 'poor man's' cistern. I have seen some of these (food grade) for as low as $40.

But I'm wondering if there may be any way to bury them without the sides collapsing, seeing as how they aren't round.

I live in western Arkansas, where it has been known to stay below freezing for several days on end. Perhaps the tanks could sit above ground within an insulated enclosure ?

Anyone have an idea how to use tanks of this type for a cistern arrangement ?