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Burnham boiler won't light

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We have replaced the circulating pump and it still won't fire up. Could it be gas valve?
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We might be help If you post the model number.
It's PVGSCG ....thanks for any help you can offer. :relaxed:
It has a electronic pilot light that works but won't light the main burner.
A few more details....when removing the circulating pump water into the boiler onto the gas valve and components. We removed the gas valve, cleaned with compressed air and reinstalled.
***oops meant to say water spilled onto gas valve and components.
If the ignition module got wet that could be a problem. With the thermostat calling for heat and the pilot on, check the orange and white wires for voltage at the gas valve.
Thanks! Will check that out. Is it possible to jump 24VAC at the right time when pilot is lit?
Please don't try to jumper the gas valve, not safe.
Not picking up 24 volts on the orange and white wires at gas valve.
Hoping we can get this fixed. 2 days with no heat in Craig Colorado. We do thankfully have a woodstove that helps but it gets -20 at night. Have called repairman but they can't get out here today .:hushed:
DO NOT hotwire or jump the gas valve or you may have NO safety controls in case the flame fails if the igniton control is damaged. Then you can have raw gas spilling into your hoouse and a explosion.

Not saying you will but people sometimes panic and do unsafe things.
Leslie ,Does the pilot stop sparking when the flame starts? Try cleaning the flame senor with some light sand paper.
Yes it stops sparking. We did go ahead and order the ignition controller. We are in a rural area and are having problems getting a technician out here. They called and said they would try to work us in tomorrow. I'm not sure we can get to the sensor...its buried in the boiler.
Thanks for your help! Will keep you posted.:relaxed:
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