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Bulkhead and Ledger question

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Two separate questions. I'm entering into the DIY world, have done a couple basic projects - deck, fence, entertainment unit. I'm getting ready do add a couple more projects, but am getting some advice from a friend of mine that I'd like a second opinion on.

#1 - The shed I'm building is going to have a couple doors, one with a 4' span and a second with a 6' span. My original plan was to go with a laminated 2x6 lintel supported by double jack studs on the 6' span (K J J lintel J J K) (where K=king and J = jack studs) and a single jack studs for the 4' span (K J lintel J K). He's suggesting that I should carry the lintel to the next set of studs over like this: K J J -16 oc- J J J lintle J J J -16 oc- J J K. Does this really make it that much stronger? I haven't heard of carrying the lintel to the next set of studs after the framing of the opening. Is it common? It looks like only a bit more work and wood, but I'd rather not make sawdust for nothing.

#2 - Framing in my basement ducting and support beam which all run side by side. I was planning on framing it out using 2x4 except for under the ducting and beam where I was just going to use either 1x or sheet it with 1/2" plywood before drywalling it because my beam and ducts are only 6' 4" from the floor. He suggests that this won't be strong enough because the bulkhead has a 46" span before the framing. I really want to maintain as much head clearance as possible since I'm 6' and my brother who visits us is 6' 3".

Any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated.
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1. If you are sheathing/siding the shed, that will help carry the header. What framing is above the header?

2. Max. span 24", try for that, even ply with drywall on it is heavy. Be safe, G
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