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built-up roof coating?

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My Tampa home has two flat roof sections (BUR) that are in OK shape, redone in 2009, no leaks, and the rest of the house is regular shingles. One roof section is over a bedroom, while the other is over a patio. I got one quote for $4,000 to redo it in PVC/vinyl.

But what about just getting up there and rolling this coating on it? Seems it would prolong the life as long as I keep a good solid coat on it. Does it work?

Tropi-Cool 4.75 Gal. 887 White 100% Silicone Roof Coating

I have no idea which product to choose - $250 is on the high end of the other products. I do have a bit of standing water when it rains.
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A couple thoughts/question then I will punt to a BUR expert about coating.

If those BUR roofs were properly done in 2009 they are still babies. Lots of life left.

When you say "a bit of standing water when it rains" how much and for how long?

The industry standard for ponding water I believe is 48 hours. Essentially your roof has 48 hours to dry out after a rain.
I was a shingle guy for 28-29 years with very limited flat experience so I don't feel qualified to weigh in on any coating. But I do have a little over a square of SBS (granulated) on an unheated porch that I would coat if I knew the best options. So maybe when 1985GT or some other flat roofing expert finally shows up he can help us both.
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