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Hello to all,

We have a fire magic grill that's built into a long counter-top in a covered back yard summer kitchen. I pulled all the inside parts (grills, burner covers, burner jets, etc) to clean-out the bottom...

I placed foil on the bottom to catch all the xxxx so when I cleaned it next, I could just remove the foil and do minor clean up on the bottom. Wrong! the foil melted & it was a big mess in scrubbing everything.

Does anyone have a recommendation for what I could place on the bottom that would not melt, stick or bind to the bottom of the grill, but could be removed and tossed or cleaned and put back into bottom and protect the base of grill. I removed and powe-rwashed the inside parts, but cannot do that to a built-in grill.

Thank very very much,
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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