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So My wife and I purchased a condo and i decided that the wire shelving that comes with it will not be acceptable. I was entertaining the thought of building my own built in closet organizer. At the moment i don't have the exact dimensions but the room is roughly 6'X5' with the door pretty close to center and one of the five foot walls. this is just coming from memory. I have requested exact dimensions from the builder which should be emailed to me this week. By trade I am a electrician and I have done a little bit of framing and trim moulding for carpentry but i have never really attempted finish carpentry. I was wondering If anyone had some good websites to go to to grab some ideas from. Also I am posting from Canada.

also I can't always get access to my internet so i may go a day or two in between posts.
My best advice is don't do it.

There are many excellent pre-fab closet systems that can be assembled and re-configured quickly, since the parts are all standard sizes and interchangeable, and the hardware is all standard and so forth. If you attempt to 'roll your own' you have two problems: one is if you screw it up, you can only fix it by tearing it apart. The second one is that the level of finish required so that clothes don't get scuffed/snagged must be darned perfect. That will require top-notch materials as well as LOTS of time to get it even halfway riight. So the investment of time/materials may be huge, while the end result will be something your partner may never stop complaining about. :)
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