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I am planning to build a 12x12 shed on moderate slope. We have 42" frost line where I live so I'll be drilling some fairly deep holes :-( About 1/3 to 1/2 of the shed will sit on pretty level ground but the remaining part will be hanging up in the air where the grade steepens. I figure I'll have to build what amounts to a ground-level deck to use as the base for the shed. So, with that in mind I drew up a plan that I think might work but want some expert advice and also wondering if there is a better, easier, and/or cheaper way to accomplish the same thing. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!

I'm trying to stay away from using 4x4 "skids" which I've seen some people do as it just adds to the height. I'd rather sandwich 2x8's together to form the outer rim joists and one center beam and rest those on the piers. I am thinking that 6 of the piers would rise all the way to base of the 'deck' while I'd have to use 4x4 PT lumber for the 3 on the steepest part of the grade. Hope that makes sense...please see picture.

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