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Building over a small creek

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I have an old cottage on post and pier and a creek runs next to it about 10' away. I would like to do a small 15 x 20 master bedroom and bathroom addition off the side of the house on the main level. It would be just a single level and, by the way, the creek at this area is underground in a culvert. My thoughts would be to jack up the house and pour a foundation at the same time as this addition. If the 2-3' wide creek is an issue with the city, could I run a beam across the rest of the house when I jack it up (24' width house) and cantilever the addition or perhaps run over the creek and put in a post for a beam about 20-25' feet away from the house. I'm just looking for a little out of the box thinking to solve this little problem. By the way, about 50' away, the creek (still in a culvert) heads under the street and into the ocean. So the city itself has built over the creek with a road and I feel that I should be able to as well. My house is 1900 sq ft and this would add about 300 more sq ft to the total. Thank you for your creativity. Steve
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Interesting situation. I would start by contacting the city administration, perhaps the zoning board, maybe the building inspector, to discuss rules and regulations for construction. The city may have far more flexibility in terms of the type of construction they can do over a creek than you would have. Further, there may be flood plain issues that would limit your ability to construct. Certainly flood plain issues could affect your ability to obtain financing and insurance for the addition.
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