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Building extension jambs on windows

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We have decided to build a 2x4 wall in front of the exterior walls of our home we are remodeling. Everything seems easy enough but I’m getting caught up a little on framing the windows out in the interior wall. All the windows are vinyl replacement windows. I removed all the existing trim so the window is sitting in the rough opening, with approx. 3/8”-1/2” gap on 3 of 4 sides(bottoms are sitting directly on bottom plate)
I envisioned that I would just use pieces of 1x to extend the gap between outside wall and inside of our new wall. I know the exterior walls are out of plumb a little bit so I’m not sure what my best course of action is to make sure these new jambs look good. First window I used a level to get the new framing in line with the window, but that really took a while for me and I didn’t feel like that was the right way to do it, hence, my questions to you professionals.
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I extended my framing to the outside so my new unite would be flush to outside, but basically the same. Pictures would help and there are better framers here than myself.

But, did you add framing on the inside to match the rough opening frame? With a new rough opening frame it gives you something to nail the extension to. Many of my windows were the same size which helped, but you may still have to measure and cut for each window.

I'll wait for pictures and those better carpenters.

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