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Building codes for subfloors

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I am working on a bathroom remodel and I am getting ready to prep the floor for ceramic tile installation. I have removed the old tiles, mortar and cement board. Upon scrapping the remaining little chunks and verifying the floor was level, I noticed the subfloor doesn't have a single fastener holding it to the joists. Looking at the joists from the bottom side in the basement I see they used only glue. I know this is not a good practice, especially if installing tile due to flex and possible movement but is there a building code requirement to use fasteners? The floors in the bathroom, as well ad the rest of the upstairs, creek very bad as well. Could the use of only glue be the cause of this? The house was built in 1996. I ask because if it is required, I wanted to dig into how it passed inspection. Thanks
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It was suppost to be fastened with screws or ring shanked nails every 6".
Also if there's going to be tile make sure there was no partical board or just 1/2 sublooring used.
That's exactly what I thought. I had already bought extra fasteners to install to assure the floor had no chance for flexing. The subfloor is 3/4" OSB. I know this because I had to replace some of OSB where the run was due to water damage. I followed the correct procedure and used the proper fasteners for that; thanks DIY 😃. So you know if the creaking of the floor could be contributed to the use of only glue?
Undersized floor joist, to long a span, not using T & G subflooring, not fastening can all cause it.
Yikes, I have my hands full. Thanks for the help good sir. fasteners? I wonder what other screw-ups they made?

Could be FHA home. Their regs were so bad, they only required 4 nails in a 4'x8' roof sheathing. They said that the shingles would hold down the sheathing. :huh:
Is there a way to find out if it was an FHA home? I guess I truly don't know what that is.
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